About Us

Speed System Golf was formed with the purpose of developing a golf brand that combines innovation and golf’s core values as its guiding principles.
“The Pursuit of a better Golf Game”


Which is to enjoy the game of golf we all love to the fullest.

Speed System Golf has brought together an impressive team of golf industry professionals with over 50 years of combined experience to deliver one of the best experiences golf has to offer today.

When we set out to make a driver not for the Pro but for amateurs, it was a lofty goal.

To help us evaluate our prototypes, we assembled a small army of over 200 golfers. Old, young, men, women, beginners, experienced and with every handicap and every golf swing you could possibly imagine. A majority of the amateur golfers we researched and tested were unaware that their driver was not designed for the average golfer. In most cases, the drivers we found in their bags were designed for tour level players.

Over a year and a half we tested a total of 12 different prototypes. Most of the early prototypes were missing something and we were getting pretty discouraged – we wondered if it couldn’t be done. Was it too complex.? Then one of the product engineers gave a group of testers a ball that we designed to have a slightly lower spin off the driver to increase ball speed and distance and that matched their swing speed. Then he gave each tester a spring-loaded tee which we discovered reduces friction at impact and slightly reduces spin. This reduction in spin correlates to approximately a 2 yards increase in distance. and like that old saying goes, the rest is history.

The Speed System Driver emerged from our 1.5 year R&D project and an investment of almost $2 million dollars.

Our engineers found that by grouping golfers by swing speed or driver distance, they could more closely optimize the design of each driver, the clubhead weighting and characteristics, the effective loft and face angle, the shaft dynamics including kick point and weighting, the overall weight and swing weight of each club and even the grip. By developing a system, matching and optimizing drivers, golf balls and tees specifically designed for four unique speed “ZONES”, targeting 4 individual groups of golfers, we effectively developed a way to maximize the performance for 90% of golfers.

Before going to market, we tested our findings with the world-renowned Golf Laboratories out of San Diego. Golf Laboratories took the Speed System through the paces with their half a million-dollar robot and with each driver using the correct ball and the new performance tee. Golf Labs and their TrackMan launch monitor recorded the stats of each and every drive--carry distance, total distance, launch angle, apex, swing speed, ball speed and dispersion from the target – on every single shot and the findings were as we hoped. We did! it!!

Now, we are excited about this next chapter and look forward to helping you shoot lower scores.

You can be confident to know that we stand behind our products. Our staff of golf professionals are here to serve you every step of the way, even well after your purchase.